Laptop screen remains black and fan runs at full speed

Problem description:

When the laptop is turned on, the screen remains completely black/blank and the cooling fan starts running at full speed. The fan runs at unusually high RPM until you power down the laptop.

Possible cause:

Motherboard failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

Most likley this problem is related to the motherboard failure and the motherboard has to be replaced.

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    my lap model is lenovo z570
    it is start up but not coming display is blank
    i tryed ti external monitor. at that time both displays are came but graphic resolution is chaged
    again i changed screen resolution settings and shutting down,
    after one day i am started my lap again same problem
    present i didn’t have external monitor
    what is the problem to laptop
    how to fix it
    please help me
    and plz replay me

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    Hi all,

    Swapping my two RAM chips solved it for me.
    I didn’t know it mattered which chip goes where. They’re both identical. My laptop is a Sony Vaio VPCEB1Z1E.

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    my laptop is having black screen fan is turning caploock light sowin

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    Thanks guys , your invaluable suggestions has saved my life and also lots of bucks.

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    I m using sony vaio laptop E series.its 2.5 yrs old.Sometimes when i make my system on,power button led glows and fans runs for 20 seconds with blank screen and finally after 20 sec fan and power button led becomes off and shuts down.after repeatedly making it on ,system becomes on and runs but once its shutdown its repeats the same problem and becomes difficult to make it on.
    kindly help me out of this problem.
    thanks a lot in advance.


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    Same problem, just replaced mother board because of some liquid substance on it cause it to be fried. After changing it and putting back together still wont turn on even when trying to vga to monitor any help would be great.

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