Laptop shuts off when AC adapter plugged in

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Problem description:

The laptop shuts off when AC power adapter is plugged in. The laptop works fine on battery power but as soon as you connect it to AC adapter, the laptop turns off.

Possible cause:

1. Power adapter failure.
2. Motherboard failure.

Possible troubleshooting steps and repair solution:

First of all, test the power adpater. Make sure the apdapter outputs correct voltage. It’s possible that the outup voltage is not correct and the laptop shuts down to prevent the damge. Test your laptop with anohter known good power adapter.

If the problem still exists, even after replacing the adapter, most likley it’s the motherboard failure. Replace the motherboard.

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  1. Valdo_PT

    My pc restarted only when the ac adaptor was plugged in. I took it to the repair shop and they couldn’t find the problem. So I googled it and tried to disable the precessors and it worked for sometime, but now it started turning off again. I will try to take it to another repair shop and tell them about BMN solution to replace the proadizer capacitor.

  2. Rehema

    My samsung laptop doesn’t charge, well mine is alio bit different, my laptop when the ac adapter is plugged in when it working / awake the adapter shutdown as ni current is allowed to pass through but it charges when my laptop is switched off, I have tried changing the adapter, I bought my laptop recently so I know it’s not the battery, I tried removing the battery and connecting ac directly, but when I try to switch on the adapter turns itself off. It is so frustrating please help.

  3. Sabbie

    Thanks to this awesome helpful website.
    I think the answer to my problem is #1 Power Adapter Failure.
    Will have to get my other adapter from the office tomorrow :)


  4. hi guys, i have a problem with my toshiba satellite c660-1 el ,duo core. its started blinking when when i plug in charge while battery is inserted. when i removed the battery and pugged charger to power it directly, it run for a few minutes then shut down itself. iv tried all methods including pressing power button for few seconds b4 putting the battery. i decided to disable duo processor option and run on one but when i assign a heavy task eg tryin to play angry birds, it goes off. whats the problem ?? please help.

  5. Mark McIntyre

    I have the same problem with my Packard Bell

    I disabled the graphics card driver and everything works, albeit at a lower resolution.

    Oddly, the GPU works normally on battery power, but not on AC (When it crashes the laptop)…

    I’m on Windows 8.1… This problem only started when i changed up from Vista, which ironically ran very well on my laptop with no serious problems…

  6. try this idea then change mother board

    first pc restart then press f8 then click safe mode then go to the file manager then click
    processor then click second processor disable
    then pc restart


  8. I’m gonna take my laptop to an Office Depot and have them hook it up to their power source and see if it shuts down with their power source. If it doesn’t then I’ll know the problem is with my Targus aftermarket power source. If it shuts down when they hook it up then I’ll know it’s a problem with my T43.

  9. It can’t be overheating problems because my laptop should still shut down while it’s running on battery power. My T43 shuts down ONLY when it’s hooked up to a power source. It runs fine on battery power.

  10. can i get help from you guys please…am using hp pavilion and the problem is that when i connect the adapter into my pc it turns off then it turns on…and i try replacing the adapter but still the problem is there…

  11. shekar

    my Toshiba satellite l300 laptop goes off or bad graphical image when ac power adapter is plugged in.please help me

  12. kareu

    try disabling the power services

  13. parwez

    toseba my lapto atomatical restar and blabk scrren what happen my laptop ans p

  14. neeraj

    my laptop battry is failuar and when i plugged in thepower than a few second after lapy is shut down with light whats the problum

  15. Or it could be how long you tell the laptop to shut down or dim the screen, if you are not using it for a while?

  16. Ok so I got it. Theres 2 things I would recommend doing.. but first to make something clear. The problem why iur laptops shut off is not cuz of a mobo problem, but its the intel video chipset. That chipset is located right next to the cpu and it gets extremly hot. So under ur lap top feels super hot. Ok first thing. 1. I would recommend getting a core 2 duo t7700 processor on ebay for about $25 and get rid of the t4300. 2. Take ur computer apart clean off the heatsink paste from the cpu, gpu, n the heatsink its self, install the new processor. Get some aluminum foil 1inch by 1 and fold it in a samll square once ur done it should be about a 1/4 inch on all sides just to fit on top of the gpu then place heatsink paste on the gpu. Put the square of foil on top of the gpu, one u do that put some heatsink paste on top of foil. The cpu does not need foil just the gpu, once u got the gpu done, put heatsink paste on the cpu. Reinstall the heatsink. Clean the pan and everything else. Put ur laptop back together. Power on. And wala. After I did this I had not a single issue the T7700 is faster and better then the T4300 since u got ur laptop apart might as well swap it. Its a cheap upgrade. I have now a faster better laptop thet does not shutoff randomly I can charge it while working on it play games watch movies. Without a worry.. if u want me to help u.

  17. Im heaving the same issues on my HP Notebook dual core. When on battery its fine, when on AC, fan starts running on high, blowing hot air then shuts down. Unplug AC boots right up….. it sucks. I purchased a new processor. So im gonna try to upgrade from a T4300 to a T7500, if it fixes the issue ill let u know. Fingers crossed.

  18. I can’t install win 7 in My toshiba satellite m200 laptop. It can’t be install the system will struck while booting the os. The configuration is dual core wits 2.5 gb can i solve it nd my system is over heating and also my adapter is heating over when using ac power. Any one pls tell the solution for it.

  19. Omary Hussein

    My laptop TOSHIBA work properly but if plugging in A.C and if you shutdown computer it restart automatically but if not plugging it does not restart

  20. Hey I just had a similar problem happen to me, but it was slightly different. My hp laptop running windows 7 was working fine, running on battery power. Then I decided to plug it in since I was next to the adaptor. I hadn’t even pushed the adaptor completely into the plug when the computer immediately lost power. It hasn’t turned on since. I’ve tried multiple methods for turning it on and still nothing. I don’t know what happened or what to do, does anyone have any idea what happened or any advise?

  21. just replace proadlizer capacitor ur problem will solove god bless you

  22. Notsosure

    One can enter Safe Mode and disable both the cores in the Device Manager for the laptop to work few more months. Ultimately the NEC/TOKIN Proadlizer will require replacement as shown here:

  23. M.Sulaiman

    Hello guys! the solution I provided recently i.e. turning off one processor in safe mode, solves the blank screen issue but now when I plug in AC charger in my Toshiba L300, it shuts down and enters windows only when I remove the charger for 2-3 times. Now I need ur help plzzz!

  24. M. Sulaiman thanks. I did the same n my laptop is working fine for now.

  25. Click “Older Comments” above to reach excellent links provided by jaryco for permanent solution to such problems.

  26. my prob is quite similar… but not same. My PC gt shutdown automaticaly without givin any notification. but when i reastart PC then everything works normal but Adaptar is nt giving power suppy to the battery. yesterday i had the same problem. but aftr few hours. it resolved automatically. but now its again. as i turn off my laptom aftr 2-3 days daily… so is it occurin for ruunin lappy such a long time ? or some problem with my adaptor ? as my adaptor has a light indicator in it. I See no power in the adaptor also. but my electricity supply is totally ok. plz help me out of this problem friends.

  27. The links provided by jaryco in Older Comments give several solutions to this problem, including a permanent solution of capacitor replacement. Of course, it is much easier to stick to Sulaiman’s temproray solution as long as it works.

  28. This is a known hardware problem on some Toshiba Satellite laptops. Therefore, motherboard replacement will work because the defective component also gets replaced. Alternatively, one can simply replace the defective capacitor called NEC-TOKIN Proadlizer (OE128 or OE907, whichever is present in the laptop), which would be a much cheaper solution. Disabling processor works only for some time before the problem returns again.

  29. salam
    thank,s you for your post
    that works for me

  30. The laptop shuts off when AC power adapter is plugged in. The laptop works fine on battery power but as soon as you connect it to AC adapter, the laptop turns off. it is mother board intel ic probalam chang ur intel ic of the laptop

  31. M. Sulaiman

    Hey guys Salam!

    Last month I faced the same problem with my Toshiba L300, it seems some DUAL Processor Problem. Just go to Device manager—>Right click on processor——> turn off one processor.
    Problem solved but U will have only one processor running. still cheers!

  32. sagarkanta swain

    dear all pl help me urgent
    my laptop adapter mode fine working but battery 97% charging adp stay in laptop fine working backup nice but shut down laptop open without adpter battery 97% charge but not open what i do please give me answar

  33. solomoni Balige

    i have dar problem when i plug in power cable the laptop switched off outimatic and sometimes it stuck
    but when turn on in the safe mode it work parfect but sometimes it stuck or switched off
    so what is dar problem

  34. I send to Acer factory my laptop and they said that the motherboard is defected and replacement is required, which costs 261 EU.

  35. I have the same problem since last month, anyone could solved, please.
    Thanks a lot !

  36. With other AC adaptor is the same situation-restarting when is plugged in and then continuolly restarting again.

  37. Laptop Repair Guy

    @ Vaselin,

    My laptop Acer 8920 with Vista Ultimate 32 restarts when AC Adaptor is plugged in. The restarts are continuosly in between different time. When is used with the battery, works perfectly. What can be reason?

    Have you tried another AC adapter? Could be just bad adapter.

  38. My laptop Acer 8920 with Vista Ultimate 32 restarts when AC Adaptor is plugged in. The restarts are continuosly in between different time. When is used with the battery, works perfectly. What can be reason? Plese, if any one have solved this problem, to write me a message.

  39. vijay M

    OK ppl again…reading n additional tresearch indicates that:::
    It likely is an issue with DUAL CORE PROCESSORS and one needs to change..issue resolved – earlier posy July 5th
    Issue addressed with CAPACITOR replacement (V core Block..appears to work
    Issue restricted and addressed to narrow down with OS like works ONLY with EX SP1 and none else anything with VISTS or go..?
    Wonder what I do?
    running WIN7 (renstalled clean after EX (orignal) then reistalled VISTS Pro and NOW win7 installed abt 7-8 months ago…it worked all fine untill THIS week..?? after clean up and resolution to BOOT UP with black screen and FAN ERROR prompt..?
    still looking for resolution …thyx ahead…much appreciated..vijay M

  40. vijay M

    Thx guyz count me in..T43 2668 with WIN7 experience the SAME issue as @shijin – the TP will work fine with or without AC plugged in BUT ONLY in SAFE MODE..?
    TP will run fine on NORMAL MODE with BATTERY untill run down ( ihave an additional Battery-to plug in in DVD drive)the battery will also charge normal with same AC PLIGGED in ONLY in SAFE MODE as soon as you switch to AC plugged in the TP shuts down almost with in minute or so….then go back to SAFE MODE and charge back and run normal without AC plugged in?
    It started after FAN ERROR due to pverheat was resolved after cleaning up the HeatSink and FAN area(Fan Error persisted for some time and was able to boot around that with bypass BIOS via esc/F1 fooling BIOS abt the status of fan and then used DUSTER compressed air to blow fan..worked and now NO FAN ERROR but THIS safe modeONLY with AC and shut down while plugged in with AC in Normal Mode..sorry if repeated the issue BUT looking for answers…thx ahead and yes will try alternate power pack(adopter) to check it out..looking fwd 2UR input asap…regards..vijay M..aug 19 2011

  41. my Toshiba satellite pro laptop goes off or bad graphical image when ac power adapter is plugged in.please help me

  42. Shijin

    guys i had the same problem. i thought it was some processor complaint(overheating)..i cleaned the fan n even changed the thermal glue for the proccessor. but it was the power adapter problem..i can use my lap safely in safe mode with adapter connected. but when i use in normal mode the display goes blank.(but it works perfectly when on battery). i think better change your adapter.(i could charge my battery with computer off.)

  43. hi,

    this is the same issue im having with my acer laptop. cleaned the fans, changed the power strip and nothing…can someone pls asssit

  44. my lap top(l305) restart when i connect to power and it works in safe mode even it is connected to power but it works in battery ….i changed os two times ,checked with other battery and power adapter stil am having same probelm ..can any one adivse me a solution?

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